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Updated A.Y. 2022-2023

In a world where the technology innovation runs as never saw before, having tools able to understand wich drivers, actors and processes are involved, is the right choice to lead the change and not suffer it.
The goal of this course is talking about the main topics that are characterizing the digital and technological trasformation of the companies, as the data anlysis,teh artificial intelligence and the machine learning, also understanding the business area directly involved as for example the project management and the gamification.
The speakers chosen to talk about of this topics are person who come from the companies world, more specificly from companies part of Philmark Group (click on the link if you want to know more) and they're exeperiencing in first person this in progress digital revolution.

Below the couse program divided per macro topics:

Business intelligence & Analytics
Speaker: Andrea Schiavi (Senior Business Analyst of Kalyte) - Linkedin Profile

Business Intelligence Market Overview
Architectural Framework
Data Design
Data Integration Design
Business Intelligence Design
Advanced Final Output
KPI Metricks and Dashboard
Tableau for the data visualization: an overview

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business
Speaker: Adriana Fidanza (Data Scientiest of Kalyte)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)
What AI&ML can do right now
What AI&ML will change
Workshop (how computer actually learns!)

Project Management
Speaker: Cecilia Buzzi (Project Manager of Philmark Informatica)

Project Management - Introduction, Concepts & Frameworks
Organization, People & Communication
Planning & Managing Work
Planning & Managing Time
Planning & Managing Cost
Risk Management
Change Request Management
Project Closure
Use Cases

Web applications in business environment
Speaker: Giulia Zinanni (Front-end developer of Philmark Games)

Intro / Definition of Digital Transformation
Benefits and drawbacks of DT
Change Management
The role of Web Applications
Case study
Customer Experience Management
Future targets