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Updated A.Y. 2016-2017

Part A

Set theory. Set Operations: union intersection, difference, complement, Cartesian product. Number sets. Intervals. Powers with rational and real exponents. Interior, exterior and accumulation points.  Maximum, minimum, inferior and supremum. Funcions: domain, range, image. Injective and surjective functions. Inverse function.

Part B

Real valued functions: linear, quadratic and polynomial functions. Exponential, Logarithmic and  Trigonometric functions. Monotonic functions. Convex and concave functions. Economic applications.

Part C

Sequences, limits, power series. Economic applications

Part D

Limit of a function: definition and main theorems. Asymptotes. Continuity: definition and main theorems.

Part E

Derivative. Main theorems on differential functions: Rolle, Lagrange, De Hopital. Complete study of a function: sktech graph. Taylor's polynomial. Economic applications