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Opening Hours "Vilfredo Pareto" Library

From Monday to Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM [37 available spots]

Access modes
The service to consult the library material and Datastream and Morningstar datasets is allowed only by appointment, by sending a request to v.pareto@economia.uniroma2.it (a special app for booking will be available soon). The reservation request must be received by 4.00 p.m. on the previous day. In the booking email the user must provide: surname, first name, matricola and telephone number. The staff will confirm the reservation by e-mail.

The reserved seat is considered occupied for the entire opening hours (9.00-16.00).
Access is allowed with your PC or other mobile devices. You cannot access with your books.

Guidelines for the room:

  • entrance and exit according to the marked routes
  • detection of the incoming body temperature, by means of a thermoscanner placed at the entrance
  • use of own mask to wear for the entire time of stay; respect of social distancing (at least one and a half meters); hand sanitization through the dispensers available in the library
  • no use of the Library's computer workstations, except those dedicated to Datastream and Morningstar
  • the library material consulted must be left on the tables to allow the necessary quarantine operations (72 hours)
  • at the exit the key of the wardrobe box must be delivered to the desk