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Information about graduation procedure

Students have to send to the Student Secretary the following documents:

  • Thesis application form
  • Booklet (all pages scanned in PDF)
  • ALMALAUREA receipt (in PDF)
  • Valid personal ID in PDF
  • €16 payment receipt (already validated)

Your documents should be scanned and sent in PDF format to the Student Secretariat (to segreteria-studenti@economia.uniroma2.it); smartphone photographs will not be accepted (several apps that create suitable PDFs are available).

Graduation Session, July 2024 (2023-24 A.Y.)

More information is The subject of the email message shTURNITIN: the final upload of the last version of the thesis must be done within July 3rd, 2024. Students have a maximum of 3 could be your surname and name, student number, and your course’s code (T16 for Business Administration, T17 for Economics.), and in the body of the message the same subject information.


  •  loadings. CHECK HERE the Turnitin Guidelines to check if your thesis is eligible.
  • Final version of your thesis must be uploaded in DELPHI (in a zip format) July 3rd, 2024. .
  • The "Modulo assegnazione tesi" is no longer required.