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On the days when the graduation sessions and final examinations are held, we request that candidates, recent graduates, their friends, and family members (collectively, the "public") follow specific rules and behavior that will ensure the serenity of those who must sit such a demanding examination, guarantee the decorum of the university, respect those who work in the campus facilities and avoid damage and inconvenience to persons and property.

In general, the public must behave in such a way as not to disturb the candidates, the members of the Graduation Committee, and the university staff involved in scientific, teaching, and administrative activities.
The following are also explicitly forbidden: 

  • the throwing of firecrackers, streamers, and confetti;
  • the use of products that may damage or deface the plants, flowerbeds, lawns, walls, roads, and other movable and immovable property of the School of Economics and surrounding areas;
  • the setting up of tables or spaces with food and drink;
  • the posting of leaflets, posters, or the like in internal rooms, on the external walls of buildings, on trees, in the car park inside the university premises, and on gates;
    the soiling of indoor and outdoor spaces and the trampling of flowerbeds;
  • the abandonment of bottles, other objects, and rubbish of any kind on roads and pavements;
  • noise and shouting that may disturb lectures, graduation sessions, or the discussion of final exams and faculty staff;
  • all other behavior is not in keeping with the University's normal institutional activities.

The verification of violations of the provisions described above by public members is entrusted to the University's supervisory staff, who prepare the relative report.

Photographic services on the occasion of degree sessions are carried out on a liberal basis. Therefore, the School of Economics is not responsible for the activities of photographers present in the Faculty during degree sessions and final examinations.