Master's presentation

Master's Degree in Economics, Communication and Media Management



Over the last 20 years, there has been great change in the world of communications and media in terms of content, language ways of transferring information. The technological revolution has had an enormous impact on the knowledge and information industry and the interactions between the globalization of the markets and the means of producing, processing and consuming information have determined the scale and the rapidity of the changes. It is no coincidence that the two most globalized markets are finance and communications – the starting points for economic initiatives by professionals whose most important resource is information. The Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Communications and Media provides an opportunity for in-depth study into the techniques used to analyze and manage businesses that are active in all industry sectors, with particular emphasis on the market for information, communication, media and entertainment.



The Master’s Degree aims to:

  1. Train professionals and managers to address the economic, managerial, legal and technological issues in private, public, profit and no-profit organisations, especially in the communications and media industries;
  2. Develop courses, seminars, learning by doing activities and all types of e-learning, in collaboration with private businesses and other organizations involved in production, distribution and control of markets in which information is transferred;
  3. Broaden the research and teaching activities at “Tor Vergata’s” Faculty of Economics as regards the economics  and management of communications, media and entertainment;
  4. Create a network of lasting relationships, including for placement purposes, with privete companies, general government and no-profit organisation working in the market for information, communications and entertainment.


Student's Prospective

Our Master’s Degree students are motivated by the desire to enhance their university education by specialising in economic and managerial issues associated with the world of communication, media and entertainment updating or adding to their professional skills and competencies. Admission to the Master’s Degree course is based on possession of a university degree, the positive evalutation of the candidate’s CV by the Commission and a personal interview. Further requirements are computer skills and a working knowledge of the English language.


Prizes and Scholarships

The Master’s Degree course offers prizes and scholarships provided by partners to cover part of the registration fee, both for enrolling students, who will be evaluated on the basis of their CV and their admission interview, and also for students achieving the highest grades in the first exam session.


Internships and Placements

The Master’ s Degree is completed by an internship of 3 months or longer at a company or an institution operating with or in the media sector (television, companies, film companies, publishers) and the communications sector (agencies, media centers, contracting companies) or in the communication and marketing departments of companies in all industry sectors. Alternatively, the Master’ s Degree is completed by project work at the student’s own place of work.


Degree certificate

The studies and activities involved in this course are worth 72 credits (CFU). At the end of the course, students who have met the attendance requirements and passed the final exam will receive of “Master in Economics and Management of Media and Communications