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Regolamento esame

The exam type is subject to the pandemic situation and the decisions taken by the University. 

The exam format will be 

  • If in presence: there will only be a written examination with exercises and theoretical questions.
  • If online: written test+oral interview, both with exercises and theoretical questions.

Please find below the rules for online exams. 


General indications for Online Exams

Students who attend online exams commit to

  • Follow the rules established by their Module Leaders
  • Do not use any external support, whether it is paper or electronic, if not permitted
  • AVOID THAT ANY OTHER PERSON IS IN THE SAME ROOM DURING THE EXAM, and hence that any other person can interfere with the legitimate way of making the exam
  • Avoid any action that can invalidate the exam and the evaluation of other students

Students who attend online exams, must be aware that the violation of any rule decided by the Module Leader implies the invalidation of the exam and the obligation to report the fact to the Coordinator of the Bachelor Program BA&E, who will decide on possible consequences.

By making online exams, the University and the Professors, commit to implement any possible measure to allow for students’ examinations, and hence not to interrupt or slow down the students’ careers. They also commit to guarantee a legitimate and transparent online evaluation of the students according to the general University rules and the specific rules of the Bachelor Program.       


Technical requirements

Hardware: A laptop (or equivalent) endowed with a webcam and a microphone

Software: Have an account Office 365 (set according to the University instructions), and having installed TEAMS desktop, to be downloaded at https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads; Have accessed Moodle.

Internet connection speed: For a group call of good quality the minimal speed requirements are 500kbps (upload) / 1Mbps (download). It is recommended to verify connection speed, possibly making an online speed test (for instance at https://www.speedtest.net/).


Rules to be followed during exams

For the entire duration of the exam students must keep their webcam and microphones on and must ensure to be visible through the webcam.

Each student answers questions in a bright room, on a desk which must be completely clear out except for white papers (A4 format) to be used for computations, pens pencils and the computer.

No other program except for Microsoft Teams and Moodle must be open on the computer for the entire duration of the exam.

For the entire duration of the exam, students must respect the following rules (otherwise the student will be immediately expelled and her/his exam will be invalidated): 

  • Pay attention to internet connection and the correct functioning of the microphone and the webcam
  • Cannot consult textbooks or notes of any type (paper or electronic). Cannot connect to any other device in any way (wired or wireless)
  • Cannot wear headphones and/or ear-buds
  • Cannot wear hats or any head-covering, and must have her/his hears visible and free of locks of hair
  • Cannot leave the exam workstation
  • Must verify that framing rules of the webcam are satisfied all the time
  • Cannot talk to anyone (in person or remotely)
  • Must be focused on her/his exam paper
  • Make sure that there are no other people in the room where she/he is doing the exam (no matter if other people are just observing)
  • Must keep inside the webcam frame all her/his exam papers. She/he cannot use any other paper which is not visible through the webcam frame.
  • Cannot keep full screen the other candidates, but only the exam questions and herself/himself
  • Cannot use papers which are partially written. Every piece of paper must be shown upon request through the webcam to verify it is completely clear
  • Cannot disturb other candidates and must be absolutely silent (making sure that the room where she/he is doing the exam is silent)
  • Cannot record the exam, nor ask someone else to record the exam
  • If the vigilator asks, she/he must modify her/his framing or include details in the webcam frame

Exam setting

  • To do the exam you need to register on Delphi before the deadline. No request after the deadline will be accepted for any reason.
  • The exam is managed through Microsoft Teams and Moodle Dashboard. Please make sure you have registered to the Team MathematicsAA2021-22 AND that you have successfully enrolled as student to the course "Mathematics" on Moodle.
  • On the day of the exam you will need to connect to Teams at least 30 minutes before the test starts for identification.
  • Students will be divided in groups, named channels, within the Team MathematicsAA2020-21. The name of the Group you belong to will be communicated via email on the day before the exam.
  • Make sure you have your document with you for identification
  • The exam consists on a written test and an oral interview.
  • The written test will be delivered through Moodle: Access Moodle Dashboard and add yourself as a student of the course “Mathematics” well before the day of the exam.
  • After identification you will be told to access Moodle and start the test.
  • Only the tests of the students who have been identified will be marked
  • Be aware that Moodle allows for just one access. Access form several devices at the same time is blocked from the General System and you cannot conclude your test. We suggest to switch off any other device where the Moodle application is installed in order to avoid any conflict.
  • In order to check that you are doing the exam personally, we will ask randomly during the exam to share the screen. If your screen shows anything but the test on Moodle, your exam will be invalidated.
  • Questions of the written test are shown sequentially. Once you go to the next question (either you answered or not) the system does not allow you to come back and change your answer
  • The number of questions is shown in the Quiz Navigation bar at the bottom of each question. The number of questions may vary from one exam call to another as it depends on the difficulty of the questions. The mark of each question is shown on the left side of the question.
  • Wrong answers in the written test are penalized.
  • If you do not pass the written test you will need to do the full exam (written and oral) in one of the next calls. The final mark will be communicated after the oral interview and it will take into account your performance in both the written and the oral part. LET ME POINT THAT if your oral interview reveals a lack of knowledge, from mild to severe, this will affect your final grade, which may result in a failure even if you passed the written test with full mark.
  • Oral part of the exam starts after the written test. We will send you by email the names of the students who passed the written test and the scheduled time of their oral exam.