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Regolamento esame

The exam is differentiated between “attending” and “non-attending students”

For attending students, the exam is only written. It is based on both open- and closed- ended questions.
If a student’s written test is evaluated as “not sufficient” (e.g., in the first call of the summer session), the student is not allowed to repeat the test in the same exam session (e.g., in the second call of the Summer session).
When receiving the test in any given call, the student has the initial 10 minutes to withdraw; in this case, the test is considered as “not performed”, thus the student can try the test again in the same session.

For “attending students” the final mark is given by the sum of the test points, the project work points, the individual work points.
For “non-attending students” the final mark is given by the final test points + (if the test is sufficient) the oral evaluation.



Dear all,
the autumn call will consist in an oral exam to be organized on TEAMS. Please see the University’s guidelines for exam modality 1 “Esame orale”.
During the oral exam, I will pose you open questions. Please, read the syllabus and remember that there is a difference  between attending and not attending students in the number of chapters to study.