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Dear students,
by this newsletter, I would like to provide you some guidelines and rules to take the exam of FoBA subject for September 2021.

Exam format:

According to the decision of the Academic Senate:

“The exam will be IN SITE at the University of Tor Vergata. However, there will be the possibility to do an ONLINE exam on the SAME DAY, if you cannot take the exam in site (oreign students, who cannot come to Italy or students who are positive to Corvid or are under quarantine (medical certificate is required)).

The central administration will carry out appropriate checks on the veracity of the declarations made by the students.

  • The IN SITE exam will be WRITTEN.
  • The ONLINE exam will be ONLY an ORAL and using EXCLUSIVELY the platform Microsoft Teams with the account “...@uniroma2.eu”
  • Booking on Delphi system is MANDATORY.
  • All students who want to take the exam must join the FoBA group on Microsoft Teams by using the following code:

Code: sebew6w

Time and date:

  • All students who want to take the exam must present at the time scheduled (both in site and online) and must be available for the duration of the exam.


  • Both, attending and non- attending students:
  • The in site exam will be written and based on 15 multi choice questions and 3/5 open ended questions which relate to the lessons uploaded (maximum 10 minutes);
  • The online exam will be oral and base on 3/5 oral questions which relate to the lessons uploaded (maximum 10 minutes).

Exam procedure and rules:
In the day of the exam, the procedure will be as follows:

  • A roll call of the students who booked on Delphi will be done first in order to verify your presence online.
  • I will declare the exam open, and I will proceed to call progressively each student for the exam.
  • During the online exam: examining student is requested to activate the video camera in addition to the audio (The other connected students must temporarily turn off the video camera and, above all, the audio so as not to disturb the examining student).
  • We will verify the identity of the candidates by checking the identification document (Please keep it handy and show it in front of the camera).
  • The candidate has to answer to the question. No teaching material and cheating shall be accepted.
  • Once the exam has been completed (approximately 10 minutes), the grade will be communicated immediately.
  • Students can accept or reject the grade. If they reject, they can take the exam in the next sessions. 

If you have any question related to the exam, you can post it directly on FoBA group or send an email.