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Monday the 18th class is cancelled

Thursday 14 October 2021

Dear all,

please be informed that the class to be held next Monday, the 18th of October, is cancelled. We will meet again on Tuesday the 19th for the last lecture of this module. I uploaded a mock exam. Try to do it on your own before coming to class. 

ASvisEvent on Gender Gaps: Wednesday, the 13th of October, at 14:00, in room TL.

Friday 08 October 2021

Dear students,
please be informed that you are very welcome to join me next Wednesday, the 13th of October, at 14:00, in room TL.

Toghether with some colleagues of mine and two external speakers, we will talk about gender gaps before (when choosing the Bachelor major), during (illustrating the results of a questionnaire administered in November 2019 here at Economics Faculty which paved the way to the one circulated in late summer this year by the committee in charge of the first Gender Budget of our University), and after university (giving some info and data about the gender gaps in the job market, with special focus on tech and digital).

The event, dealing with Goal 5 of the UN 2030 Agenda, is part of the Italian Sustainable Development Festival 2021, and will be thus given in Italian. 
Due to the dispositions anti-Covid-19, seats are limited but you can reserve yours at the link below! 


Quantitative Methods Newsletter

Wednesday 08 September 2021

Dear Students,

please be informed that the newsletter of this course will be soon formatted, so as to allow the incoming students to enroll. Remeber to enroll again if you still need to be updated about this course.

Take care