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Course Start: Attending students and formation of teams

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Dear students,

next Monday 20th of February at 4 pm in room I2 the course of Uniform Private Law will beginn.

The schedule of the entire course is uploaded among the materials.

An attenance list will be created. Only those who attend classes in person are considered as attending students. Online attendance is possible, but does not count towards qualification as an attending student. To be considered as attending, 80% of the lectures must be attended.

Attending students are invited to divide into groups of four or five members and communicate the group formation via MicrosoftTeams chat by entering each group member, the teacher @amalia diurni and her assistant @maria alessandra mazzei into the chat.  

Each group must present a topic assigned by the teacher. Team presentation start from 28 February onwards according to the schedule uploaded in the course materials. For the team presentation each student can earn up to 2 extra points to add to the written exam grade. Taking part in a group is not compulsory, but once in a group it is mandatory to present the assigned topic. Withdrawal from the group will affect the final grade.

Rules and proceedings of the course, team presentation and final exam will be explained by the teacher during the first lesson.

MicrosoftTeams Code for non-attending student

Tuesday 14 February 2023

Dear Students,

in order to facilitate non-attending students access to the online lectures, this is the code to join the Uniform Private Law MicrosoftTeam directly: m8gygd4

You can find the lectures schedule on the Teams Calendar with related syllabus.

It is NOT ALLOWED to record the lessons.

Subject to prior agreement on MTeams Chat @amalia.diurni, I am available for student reception via MicrosoftTeams or after the lecture.