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Exam Instructions for the summer session

Monday 18 May 2020

Dear all,

on the website of the course you can find some detailed rules for the summer session (May, June, July) that will be administered from remote due to the Covid-19 crisis' restrictions.

Best wishes

Exam instruction for non-attending students

Friday 01 May 2020

Dear non-attending students,

as envisaged in the course program, the final grade is composed of the final exam scheduled alternatively for the 5th of June or the 2nd of July (failure means jump to September) and of the topic presentation. The presentation is compulsory and would add or subtract up to 2 points to the result of the final exam. After delivering  the presentation, the points you get will be valid until summer next year.

Regarding the presentation, I invite all of you to send me an email by the 7th of May in order to inform me about your intention to present either alone or in groups composed of up to four members. For the 8th of May at 6 pm I’ve scheduled a meeting to answer your questions about the presentation and if necessary compose teams. Here is the code to enter directly into the meeting: mz8gf7m

After the meeting, it is no more possible to enter into the list or to withdraw from it and you have to wait for a new call until September.

The presentation is focused on developing, drafting and exposing to the public a legal topic, part of the course program. Its aim is to make you confident with the matter, improve your communication skills and give you an advantage for the final exam.

The topics will be assigned by me on the 10th of May. The presentations will take place on the 29th of May.

Stay safe and healthy

Code for Lecture on MicrosoftTeams

Friday 20 March 2020

Dear Students,

in order to facilitate non-attending students access to the online lectures, this is the code to join the Uniform Private Law MicrosoftTeam directly: mz8gf7m

You can find the lectures schedule on the Teams Calendar with related syllabus.

Subject to prior agreement by e-mail, I am available for student reception via MicrosoftTeams or Skype.

Take care