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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” DIPARTIMENTO DI ECONOMIA E FINANZA 00133 Roma – Via Columbia, 2

EXTRA-ACTIVITY SEMINAR Tor Vergata University: bachelor courses in ness Administration & Economics”, May 2020

SEMINAR: “Technical Patterns And Behaviors In Trading Financial Instruments”

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Vittorio de Pedys Contatct : vdepedys@escpeurope.eu , vdepedys@yahoo.it , de.pedys@economia.uniroma2.it Office : Room 3C-4, 3rd floor Building B

COURSE: 18 hours CFU: 3 for Extra Activities ATTENDANCE: minimum 75% of the lectures

SEMINAR BACKGROUND: Like it or not finance is probably the most important driving force behind economic phenomena. The huge money flows happening on financial markets have direct impact on everyone’s life. Activity on international financial markets is reported daily as front page news across the world’s media , describing what markets do, bubbles, acquisitions, speculations, trends, etc. This seminar will look into this phenomena exploring trading techniques used by market participants on international markets.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: This course aims at giving some technical instruments to sufficiently understand how financial markets move, how financial instruments are traded on the relevant markets (stock markets, foreign exchange markets, Over-the-counter markets, commodities markets , derivatives markets), how to interpret daily price movements. At the end of the seminar students should be familiar not only with different trading techniques but also capable of making some decisions about buying and selling of different financial instruments.

PRE-REQUISITES: This is not an advanced course, giving the limited amount of hours, but a basic knowledge of corporate finance concepts is necessary, in particular about the different forms of liabilities that corporation issue in order to raise funds.

CONTENTS: International financial markets Financial trading instruments Fundamental analysis Technical analysis Trading techniques Algo trading Behavioral finance Risk management DELIVERY METHOD: A mix of some front end teaching, video tutorials, interactive observation of real-time financial markets, advises and analyses by some of the world’s experts.