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Updated A.Y. 2022-2023


Lecture # Lecturer Topics
L1 Congiu Introduction to game theory; Prisoner's Dilemma
L2 Congiu Iterated elimination of dominated strategies; Nash Equilibrium
L3 Congiu Cournot's and Bertrand's models of duopoly
L4 Congiu Mixed strategies
L5 Congiu Repeated games
L6 Congiu Repeated games
L7 Persichina (Lab) Public goods games in the lab
L8 Congiu Dynamic games
L9 Congiu Imperfect information
L10 Congiu Stackelberg's model of duopoly 
L11 Persichina Social preferences
L12 Persichina Reciprocity, bargaining, ultimatum game
L13 Congiu Bounded rationality, beliefs; Barganing.
L14 Persichina Dictator game, Trust game, Factors affecting social preferences
L15 Congiu Beliefs, preferences, utility functions.
L16 Congiu Introduction to Bayesian games
L17 Persichina Modelling; reciprocity, inequality aversion
L18 Congiu Auctions; Recap and exercises (1)
L19 Congiu Recap and exercises (2)
L20 Persichina Designing experiments
L21 Persichina Behavioral environmental economics; neuroeconomics
L22 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions
L23 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions
L24 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions
L25 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions
L26 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions
L27 Congiu/Persichina Experimental sessions