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National Research University of St. Petersburg - Higher School of Economics & Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Bachelor in International Business and Management Studies at HSE St.Petersburg

The programme provides the students an opportunity to learn how to make reasonable and confident decisions relating to various spheres of international business. In particular, it is designed to provide a combination of two key areas: International Business and Business Analytics.
In addition, the programme offers a very strong fundamental core in business studies, as well as flexible tracks in regional studies and international business and academic internships. The main theoretical objectives of the programme include forecasting trends and responding to the strategic challenges of an ever changing global business environment, as well as preparing future leaders who can effectively face these challenges.

This program, starting in the academic year 2018/19 will allow qualified students (for a maximum of 7) to transfer from their Home Institution to the Host Institution for the purpose of completing their degree.

Why enroll?

  • Pursue your undergraduate BA and earn not one, but two diplomas!
  • Spend two years studying in Rome and the third year in St. Petersburg!
  • Learn the Russian language!
  • Being more and more global!

Costs of the program

The students pay tuition at their home institution. (e.g. they pay the full tuition at University of Rome Tor Vergata).

Apart from the tuition, there are other costs associated with the program that students will incur whilst spending their year abroad: international travel; room and board expenses, mandatory health insurance for international students or equivalent private insurance, textbooks and miscellaneous expenses.

Course Mapping

The curriculum for the TVU’s 3rd year students in HSE St. Petersburg

Due to the different amount of credits of the two programs, the TVU students have to comply with additional requirement to get both the titles. Therefore, their Curriculum is twofold: they spend the third year in HSE St. Petersburg (Part A) and an additional semester in Rome (Part B), to complete the programme.

Discipline in HSE St.Petersburg Credits
Safe Living Basics 1
Operations Management 4
Econometrics I 4
Econometrics II 4
Investments 3
Strategic Management 4
Entrepreneurship 4
Innovation Managament 4
Minor (2 of the pull of elective courses) 10
Management Accounting I 5
Management Accounting II 3
Research Seminar "Business Research Methods" 5
Research Seminar "Quantitative Technique in Management Studies" 6
Project Seminar" Contemporary Project Management Techniques" 4
Term Paper 4
Optional: Russian Language 8

The curriculum for the TVU’s students in HSE St. Petersburg (4th year, September - November), stayed in Rome

Courses Credits
Philosophy (online) 4
Sociology (online) 4
Defense of the Final Thesis 3
Preparation of the Final Thesis 9
Internships 9
Project Proposal 0



Eligibility Criteria

Once students are admitted to the university, they must follow the criteria bellow in order to pursue the Dual Degree program:

  • be fully enrolled in the Bachelor programme at his/her home institution;
  • have a GPA not lower than 25/30
  • write a motivation letter indicating a clear purpose of participating in the Dual Degree programme
  • earn at least 75 CFU at the National Higher University

HSE St.Petersburg: An Overview

HSE St. Petersburg is home to more than 5,000 students, including almost 9% international students from 50+ countries, and around 100 research fellows, many of them holding Master and PhD degrees from the top universities from around the world. Our faculty members publish in top Russian and international academic journals and have diverse experience in consulting for Russian and international market-leading companies as well as for Russian state agencies. The list of our international partners include top-ranked universities around the world.

The web page: https://spb.hse.ru/en/

Facts and Figures:

  • 5090+ Undergraduate and Graduate (Master) Students
  • 9% of International Students
  • 9:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio
  • 23 Full-time Degree Programmes
  • 15 Bachelor's degree programmes, 5 in English
  • 11 Master's degree programmes, 3 in English
  • 150+ Courses Taught in English

Students' Reports

Giardino Pier Luigi

Dual Degree Student in the a.y. 2018/2019