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Prepare for the job market

Every year the MSc Economics offers useful seminars and workshops that help students get through the job market and Ph.D. applications. There are certain steps you are required to follow, special preparations you need to do, and information you must know before you start looking for a job or applying for a Ph.D. It is crucial to attend these seminars and workshops if you want to be successful in your job search in economics.


In an attempt to support you, we have created some slides. It will be necessary to follow general guidelines for what to include and how to cater the information to make the best impression with your employer through your CV.
Your cover letter can be an excellent opportunity to convince your potential employer to concede an interview. This is an opportunity to explain the information on your CV further and make a first impression that truly captivates your employer’s interest.
MSc Economics students may schedule an appointment with the Program Office for their CV and Cover Letter revision.

→How to write a professional CV and Cover Letter


In an attempt to support you in your decision as to whether to undertake a Ph.D. program and where to apply, we have prepared some slides with the help of Prof. Francesco Sobbrio, who is also available to meet you individually to discuss your plans for the future and give you some advice on your choice of a Ph.D.

Last Placement Orientation Seminar: 23 Aprile 2024 at 2:00 pm in classroom F

Next Placement Orientation Seminar: to be scheduled

→Everything you need to know about a Ph.D. in Economics, and more