When is the starting date for applying?

For the a.y. 2019/2020 will be possible to apply starting from the December 3, 2018. 

When is the application deadline?

For a.y. 2019/2020 the application deadline is:

  • Non-EU applicants: 21 June, 2019
  • EU and Italian applicants: 19 August, 2019

How do I apply?

Applicants are required to complete the on-line form and upload the required documents

Is English language certificate required? 

No. However, applicants may choose to submit the certificate to supplement their application.

Is GRE or GMAT score required? 

No standardized test scores are compulsory required. However, applicants may choose to submit GRE or GMAT scores to supplement their application.

Is this Program meant for students with undergraduate studies in Economics?

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree (or be near completion of the degree, to be concluded before enrollment) with a strong quantitative background:

  • NON-EU students: Economics, Business, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Engineering.
  • EU students: Economics, Business, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Engineering, but other background will be also taken into consideration, mostly basing on the background in Mathematics and/or Statistics and on the student’s motivation.

Are prerequisite courses required?

No, there are no prerequisite courses required for this program.

What advice do you have for writing the statement of purpose? 

The Statement of Purpose or Motivational letter should demonstrate your critical thinking skills, your plans and you should clearly indicate why are you interested in attending our Program. 

Are there requirements for who should write the reference letter?

The reference letter can be from someone who taught you at university, from a current or previous employer or someone else who knows you well in an academic/professional capacity. There is not a standard format.

Will I be notified of any missing application materials? 

You are responsible for ensuring that your application is submitted with all the required components. All applicants will apply online and may access an online checklist to determine which materials have been received in support of the application.

When and how are applicants notified about admission decisions? 

Within 30 days after submission of a complete application package applicants will be informed by e-mail of the decision regarding admission.

Can I apply if I have not completed my undergraduate degree? 

Yes, you can submit your application prior to the conferral of your degree. We will accept and evaluate your dossier. Please indicate in the online application form the missing exams and the expected date of graduation.

What weighting do you place on the various different selection criteria? 

The Admission Board will look at your academic record, personal statement and motivation, references, your CV, GMAT/GRE test score as a whole and will make a careful, balanced judgment based on all these criteria.

Program Structure

Where can I find the Program curriculum?

The sample program curriculum is available here.

How long is the Program?

The MSc in Economics is a two-year full-time program (4 semesters).

At what times will classes be offered? 

Classes will be offered during the day and evening.

See the Timetable.

Is the Program offered in an on-campus or distance format? 

The program is offered on-campus.

Is possible to attend the Program from the second semester?

No, it is not possible. All admitted students must attend the program starting from the First Semester (September).

Costs of living in Rome

The cost of living in Italy varies a lot geographically even the costs of living in the state capital is usually higher than in other towns. The other factors affecting the costs are the place where the apartment is (downtown or surroundings) and the facilities (close by the underground or markets or supermarkets, mall, etc.). For example, an average student’s apartment in Rome would cost around € 300-500 per room per month depending on the place, facilities, renovations, etc. plus bills. In CampusX a single room in a double room apartment costs about € 550 per month fees included.

The spending budget of a student is composed of five main elements: Rent & bills, Food, Study material/books, University fees and Nights out. Therefore, what you should expect to spend in Rome in those sectors is:

  • Rent: € 300-500 for a room in an apartment of 3
  • Bills (like gas, electricity, heating): approx. € 30-70 per month/student
  • Food: if you cook you save by buying in the supermarket € 40-50 euro per week
  • University fees: will be dealt with separately here: about € 200-400 per month (paid in two/three installments each year)
  • Nights out: is something that varies from person to person, but Friday and Saturday are generally  nights out and a shot of strong drinks costs around € 5-10, a pint of beer costs around € 5-7, a bottle of wine in a pub/bar (to share with friends) € 15-20.

Therefore, we can conclude that your spending will be between € 600-900 per month, which is what the students actually spend here, according their lifestyle.

When you plan your stay, take into account that during the first months you will be spending X 2-3 times more because you’ll need to leave a security deposit for the apartment (which is usually 2-3 months’ rent), to buy some basic things for the apartment (especially if you choose one without any furniture) and on “newcomer expenses” because it will take you some time to find the less expensive supermarket etc.

Be sure that you have money for around 12-18 months when you come, even if you plan to work or get the scholarship, in order to have some security zone economically.

Scholarships and financial aid

Are there scholarships available for students?

Every year we offer awards to our best first year students and to our best graduates.
Furthermore, we support students with application for scholarships from Lazio region, Italian government, foundations, and other sources.
For further information click here

Who can apply for DiSCo LAZIO scholarships? 

International students as well as Italian students, can apply for scholarships and accommodation at student welfare service ‐ DiSCo LAZIO. The amount of the scholarship depends on your student status, and usually the maximum amount is around 5,000 Euros for international students.
Student must respect the following income and wealth limits, exceeding any one of these values is motive for exclusion from the competition.

  • ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator): € 23.508,78
  • ISPE (Equivalent Wealth Situation Indicator): € 51.106,05

Second year students have to satisfy also a requisite of merit. The requisites of merit are based on the total credits/examinations acquired from the date of registration to August 10th, 2019. To apply for the scholarship the second-year student must have acquired 30 credits during the first year.
First year student, regularly registered for the 2019/2020 academic year, will be valuated ex post.

Which are the benefits of DiSCo LAZIO scholarships? 

DiSCo LAZIO provides a study grant to the winners of the competition. The maximum amounts are established as follow:
The maximum amounts are established as follows:

  • € 1.971,89 for “local” students
  • € 2.884,09 for “commuter” students
  • € 5.231,58 for “non-local” students

To reduce the inconvenience of being distant from the University, DiSCo LAZIO assigns, for a period not exceeding eleven months, lodgings in its structures. Only “non-local students” may apply for lodgings.
€ 500 will be deducted from the scholarship as the cost of the service from winners of lodging places.

When can I apply for DiSCo LAZIO scholarship?

Online applications are open from May 28th until July 24th at 12:00 pm 2019 in this website: www.laziodisco.it
The winners of the scholarship are announced during the first semester; hence, you will have to pay in advance your stay in Italy.

How can I get the Pin for DiSCo LAZIO scholarship? 

Once registered, students can ask for a PIN, through the following procedure:

a) In the “personal area”, go to the “Ostium” section and authenticate your credentials as prompted. To complete the procedure, print and ask for a PIN by registered letter with advice of receipt. Submit your application for a PIN to the offices by registered letter. Remember to sign the application and to attach a copy of your ID by no later than July 24th 2019 to this address: ADISU ROMA DUE, VIA CAMBRIDGE, NUMBER 115, CAP 00133 ROMA, ITALY.

b) go to the Scholarship Office of your local Adisu agency and authenticate your credentials at the counter, showing a valid ID document and a photocopy. The procedure must be completed by 11:00 am on August 9th 2019.

PINs cannot be collected by anyone else.

Which documents do I need to apply for DiSCo LAZIO scholarship? (only non-EU students)

In order to apply for the scholarship, you will have to prepare the following documents:

  • Certificate declaring the composition of your family unit in 2019;
  • Documents declaring the gross income earned by each member of your family unit during 2017 (the maximum income for the family necessary to get the scholarship was the equivalent to € 23 000).
  • Certificate declaring the family property on December 31st 2018, specifying the area in square meters of each house/apartment, or if they are on loan, or the place is rented.

All these documents should be presented to the competent Italian Authorities in your country to be signed and stamped.
Bring the original with you to Rome and hand it over to DiSCo LAZIO offices until February 28th, 2020. This document is an ESSENTIAL part of the application for benefits as it attests your family income. Hence, it is important that you prepare this document before you arrive in Rome.

Do I have to pay back the scholarship?

In order to receive the whole scholarship first year students must obtain 20 credits by August 20th 2020.
Those acquiring 20 credits after August 20th 2020, and before November 30th 2020, will only receive half of the overall sum of the study grant (1st instalment).
The study grants and other benefits are subject to revocation if the student fails to achieve 20 credits by November 30th 2020.  In this case, the student will have to pay back the scholarship
Second year students will have to pay back the scholarship only if they have made a false statement in order to get the scholarship.

New! 2019/2020 LazioDisco Application Guide in English

Pre-enrollment and enrollment

I received the Acceptance Letter. What should I do now?

All admitted applicants, once received the Acceptance Letter, must send an email to the Admissions Office for confirming if they intend to enroll to our program. Afterwards, will be possible to proceed with the online enrollment procedure from September. Read more

I am Italian, I have been admitted but I do not have obtained yet the Bachelor degree (Laurea Triennale). What should I do now?

Italian Students who have not yet obtained a Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale) can attend classes starting in September, if the will graduate by the deadline for the enrollment (November 5). Once graduated, students must enroll to our program connecting to Delphi.

Can I defer my acceptance until next year or later?

It is not possible to defer the acceptance. If you wish to delay your studies for a year or more, you will need to resubmit the application again.