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Econometric Game

MSc Economics finances the participation of two students at the annual Econometric Game in the Netherlands

Every year the University of Amsterdam hosts the Econometric Game, one of the most prestigious projects organized by the academic association for Actuarial Science, Econometrics & Operational Research (VSAE) of the University of Amsterdam. The participating universities are expected to send delegations of four students majoring in econometrics or relevant studies with a maximum of two PhD students. The teams will be given a case study, which they must resolve in two days. The ten teams with the best solutions will continue to day three. On the third day of the competition, the finalists solve a second case while the other teams can go sightseeing in Amsterdam. After the teams have explored the city, the Econometric Game Conference takes place, during which a variety of guest lecturers discuss the case study and explain the econometric methods necessary to solve it. A jury of qualified and independent professors review the solutions and announce the winner of the Game.

EG2017 Testimonies

The Econometric Game, which is held every year in Amsterdam, has been a great opportunity to test our knowledge and to use those Econometric tools we came across during this Master program. Following the organizers' instructions, students from all over the world are asked to advance an original analysis about the given topic (this year the topic was “Crime and Safety"). We found it interesting to learn new models and estimation techniques, and to see how other students approached the case. Outside the competition, we met international students from other prestigious Universities. What struck us most was listening to their academic experiences and having stimulating conversations with them. Undoubtedly, this experience contributed to enlarge our horizons significantly."

Piero Massotti and Annalivia Polselli