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Certificates from Delphi


To request the certificates you need on-line, quickly and easily, access Delphi.

List of types of certificates the on-line service can provide (both in English and Italian):

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Enrollment Certificate with exams
  • Historical Certificate

Here you can see where to find this option on Delphi.

Otherwise, you can obtain the certificates from the Student Administrative Office, by completing the form and including a duty stamp if required. Office hours: Monday and Friday 9:00 -12:00 , Wednesday 9:00 -12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00

Enrollment in single teaching courses

With the purposes of professional upgrading, curricular integration or cultural enrichment, it is possible to present a request to be enrolled in single teaching courses offered by the MSc in Economics for a total of 36 CFU without the necessity of being enrolled in the entire programme.

This will allow students to take the exam related to the course and receive a formal certificate regarding the result obtained if one of the following conditions is verified:

  • if you are enrolled in a foreign University;
  • if you are enrolled in other Universities in Italy, subject to authorization from the University in which you are enrolled or specific agreements;
  • if you are graduated thus you have the qualification required for the enrollment in a Master Degree course;
  • if you are graduated but not in possession of all the curricular requirements to be enrolled in a Master degree course, in order to integrate competencies as specifically requested by the Admission committee of the Master course chosen.

For the enrollment to the first year of a Master degree course, it is allowed to purchase single teaching courses for a total number of credits that do not exceed half of the credits expected for the first year of the course.

Students who intend to purchase individual courses for the purposes of subsequent recognition of themselves at the moment of enrollment at the Master's Degree:

  • MAY only take the exams of the first year of study and the optional courses;
  • and MUST take the related exams by the autumn session (September 2023).

Students who want to follow single teaching courses are required to pay the amount of:

  • € 150,00 for courses of 6 CFU;
  • € 300,00 for courses of 9 or 12 CFU.

The enrollment procedure in single teaching courses must be performed and completed by submitting the documents to the office of “Segreteria Studenti” before the beginning of the lectures of the chosen course:

  • Between 1 September and 30 November 2022 for courses starting on the first semester;
  • Between 14 February and 15 April 2023 for courses starting on the second semester.

These are the instructions for the enrollment in single teaching courses:

  1. Connect to Delphi system
  2. Student Section
  3. Section 3 – Single Course Enrollment
  4. Fill in the application and print it
  5. Pay the fee by PagoPA
  6. Log into the Delphi within 24 hours and confirm the payment by clicking on the button "Confirm PagoPA"
  7. Submit the following documents to the Students Administrative Office:
  • Application form
  • Copy of your payment 
  • Nulla-osta from your University, if you are currently enrolled to another University.

After completing the request at the Students Administrative Office delivering all the required documents and after finalizing and validating the payment online of the proper amount for the single teaching course, it will then be possible to book the requested exams directly from the totem (Delphi) webpage from 30 to 4 working days prior to the exam date. For further information and/or details on the procedure to be followed, students are encouraged to refer to the Student Guide.

For further information consult the Student Guide and the FAQs