Program structure

The program structure shows the overview of the program in more detail, divided per semester and per year.

First Year

In the Fall Term (from September to December), students take the preliminary courses in Mathematics and Statistics, and the core courses in Econometrics, Microeconomics I and Statistical Computing 1st part (Matlab, Stata).
In the Spring Term (from February to June), students take the core courses in Microeconomics II, Macroeconomics I and II, Time Series, Statistical Computing 2nd part (Matlab, Python) and an optional course.

Second Year

In the Fall Term students take the courses on Public Economics, Law and economics and an optional course.
In the Spring Term students take Labour Economics, an optional course, and focus on the thesis.
Students are encouraged to attend internships or summer schools for which the MSc Committee may assign some extra credits.

Past Program Structures and Program Rules

Past Program Structures:

Program Rules: 

The document "MSc in Economics Program Rules" is under revision. It will be available here very soon.

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