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Program structure

The program starts at the beginning of September and lasts two years. Each of the two academic years is divided into two semesters, and each semester is divided into two modules. Each module involves six weeks of teaching, with exams taking place at the end of each module. 

Second year

First Semester


Second Semester

Module I

Module II

Elective Courses

The degree programme proposes the following courses, which can be chosen starting from the second semester of the 1st year. Students must take 3 elective courses, 6 credits each, for a total of 18 credits.

Curricular Internship

Students have the possibility of doing a curricular internship activity for 6 CFU (150 hours of internship). Two possible types of internship:

  • Internship Private Sector & National/International Institutions
  • Research Assistant Internship

Extra activities

The following activities are organized to strenghten students academic and professional competencies over the course of their two years of studies. While we encourage students to take part in these activities, no credits will be earned for the participation.

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