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Class 2008/2009

Post-doc at University of Bologna

Marandola Ginevra

Thesis: "The cyclical composition of investments and growth: volatility and financial frictions" Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni
Economist at European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Milasi Santo

Thesis: "Empirical Analysis on the Relation between Inequality in Income Distribution and Economic Growth" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
International Development Officer at Simplon.co

Pierantozzi Armonia

Thesis: "Macroeconomics Forecasting in High Dimensional System. Cross-validation vs. Information Criteria" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda
Assistant Professor of Economics at University of British Columbia

Saggio Raffaele

Thesis: "Estimation of Linear Panel Data Models Under Nearly Singular Design" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Consultant at KSAR & Associates

Valenti Fabrizio

Thesis: "Volatility and Growth" Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni