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2010/2011 Cohort

Economist at Central Bank of Malta

Valentina Antonaroli

Thesis: "Taxation in a Creative Destruction Model" Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni
Expert at Bank of Italy - Markets and Payment Systems Directorate

Francesco Berardini

Thesis: "Income and subjective well-being: evidence from a generalized ordered probit model" Supervisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado
Senior Consultant at KPMG Italy

Gabriella Catalano

Thesis: "Fiscal Policies And Interest Rate In The European Monetary Union: An Empirical Analysis" Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Piergallini
Policy Officer at Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) Italy

Valeria Cipollone

Thesis: "The Effect Of External Monitoring On Standardized Test: Results From Snv" Supervisor: Franco Peracchi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Goethe University

Chiara Lacava

Thesis: "Forecasting Labour Indicators: Micro vs Macro" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Associate at Analysis Group

Noemi Nocera

Thesis: "Industrialization, Heights and Mortality in Post-Unification Italy" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Alessandro Saccal

Thesis: "Capital Controls and Growth" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
Consultant at Thrive Refugee Enterprise Ltd

Roberta Trotti

Thesis:"The Problem of environmental migrants: is there an impact of climate change on migration?" Supervisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli