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2011/2012 Cohort

Data Scientist at AlmavivA

Valerio Artusi

Thesis: "Betting on Football Matches: Theoretical Model and Empirical Prediction" Supervisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti
Senior Associate at Moody's Corporation

Flavia Baldinucci

Thesis: "Profiling the European Green Consumer: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations in Action" Supervisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli
Business and Strategy Analyst at Althesys Strategic Consultants

Nicola Bianchi

Thesis: "Liquidity and Social Responsibility in Equity Fund" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Econometrician at Rokos Capital Management

Luca Brugnolini

Thesis: "Fiscal Compact And The Banking Sector" Supervisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado
Account Executive HC at Ecolab

Giulia Costa

Thesis: "The impact of the Tobin Tax: the French case" Supervisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti
Assistant Professor of Statistics at University of Catania

Roberto Di Mari

Thesis: "Finite Mixture of Linear Models: Numerical Evidences and Application to SHIW Data" Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Rocci
Product Development Professional at IGT

Marco Di Rella

Thesis: "Imperfect Financial Intermediation in a Monetary Economy" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Manager at Business Integration Partners

Mattia Gentile

Thesis: "Assessing the efficiency of public education and pensions: Boldrin and Montes (2004) revisited" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Human Resources Manager at Leasys

Pierluigi Grassi

Thesis: "Financial Crisis and Unconventional Monetary Policy in the Euro-zone" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Project Manager at OpenEconomics

Giovanni Graziano

Thesis: "Growth forecast errors and scal multipliers" Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Paesani
Officer at Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)

Alessio Marchetti

Thesis: "Is Abenomics Working?" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
Manager Unità di Missione NG-EU, Ministry of Economy and Finance

Enrica Maria Martino

Thesis: "College wage premium and wage inequality" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Relationship Manager - Government and Public Sector at Bureau van Dijk Italia

Giulia Mazzanti

Thesis: "Here Comes the Sun - Good news or Bad news: a Fotovoltaic Resource Curse" Supervisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli
Communication, Fundraising and Project Management at La Nuova Arca Cooperativa Sociale

Marta Michetti

Thesis: "Impact Evaluation: an Analysis of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab' s Approach " Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Head of Cyber Security Demand and Portfolio at Unicredit

Roberta Nazzaro

Thesis: "The impact of tertiary education on earnings premium. An empirical approach" Supervisor: Prof. Gianni De Fraja
Customer Analysis & Insight Senior Specialist at Sky

Diego Pellecchia

Thesis: "Housing submarkets and price dynamics in the province of Rome" Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Parisi