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2012/2013 Cohort

Officer at Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)

Giulio Breglia

Thesis: "Inequality in Italy and Measuring Bias, Evidence from 1948-1978" Supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Vecchi
Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Economics

Fabrizio Core

Thesis: "Financial Intermediation With Incomplete Contracts" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Data Linguist at Amazon

Daniele Costanzo

Thesis: "TED, public procurement in Italy" Supervisor: Prof. Elisabetta Iossa

Behzad Jeddi Balabaygloo

Thesis: "Analysis of Water Consumption Behavior in European Union: Are Motivations Relevant?" Supervisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli
Sales Manager at Lidl

Florian Adolf Kraus

Thesis: "Monetary Policy In The Light Of The Outright-Monetary-Transactions-Program" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Ph.D. student in Finance – Alberta School of Business

Arkady Lenchak

Thesis: "The Analysis of Perpespectives of the Monetary Union Establishment among the Member-States Of Eurasian Economic Union" Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Annicchiarico
Monitoring And Evaluation Specialist at Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED)

Diletta Parisi

Thesis: "Monitoring Nutritional Status Of Small Children- Evidence From A Quasi-Experiment In Burkina Faso" Supervisor: Prof. Sara Savastano
Cybersecurity Identity and Antifraud Governance at Intesa Sanpaolo

Gianluca Russo

Thesis: "Number Of Parties And Government Spending: An Empirical Analysis" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci
Senior Manager at EY

Andrea Sassone Corsi

Thesis: "From Feed-In Premium To Feed-In Tariff: What Drives Italian Distributed Generation?" Supervisor: Prof. Alessio D'Amato

Xiao Sun

Thesis: "Microfounded Model Of Monetary Exchange" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Assistant Professor at University of Essex

Egon Tripodi

Thesis: "Observable Heterogeneity With Non-Exclusive Contracts" Supervisor: Prof. Eloisa Campioni
Assistant Professor in Economics, University of Tübingen

Andrea Tulli

Thesis: "A Brief Discussion on Moral Hazard in Team and Adverse Selection" Supervisor: Prof. Tommaso Valletti

Miao Wang

Thesis: "Shadow Banking In China" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann