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2018/2019 Cohort

PhD Candidate at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Sara Biadetti

Thesis: "The Role of Weak and Strong Cross-Sectional Dependence in Regional Policy Evaluation" Supervisor: Prof. Federico Belotti
Finance and risk controlling at Volksbank

Marissa Binz

Thesis: "Strategic Portfolio Construction with Alternative Asset Classes" Supervisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante
PhD candidate at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Lorenzo Bozzoli

Thesis: "Adverse Selection and Retrading in Competitive Markets" Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar
Research Officer at the University of Zurich

Lorenzo Maria Casale

Thesis: "SLX-LM-Test for Spatial Econometric Models" Supervisor: Prof. Federico Belotti
Intern Capital Projects & Economics at PwC Italy

Renzo Castro

Thesis: "The impact of a political leader’s speech on mobility: Empirical evidence from the UK during the first Covid-19 wave" Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Marrazzi
Research Assistant at Lear

Mohamed Lamine Dahmani

Thesis: "Assessment of bid rigging damages in scoring procurement auctions" Supervisor: Paolo Buccirossi
PhD candidate at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Riccardo Di Francesco

Thesis: "Fleet Competition with Autonomous Vehicles: the Role of Ownership" Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi
PhD Candidate at Northwestern University

Andrea Di Giovan Paolo

Thesis: "Competing Mechanisms: Communication at Equilibrium" Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar
ICT Consultant at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Riccardo Fabrizi

Thesis: "Inequality, growth and social mobility" Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni
Trainee DG Economics - Prices and Costs DivisionDG at European Central Bank

Helen Grapow

Thesis: "The Causal Effect of Air Pollution on the Spread of Covid19 in EU" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Grassi

Giulia Grasselli

Thesis: "Inequality and Growth: a study of education as transmission channel" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann

Adriano Guzzi

Thesis: "A brief survey of methods for building panel data sets from repeated cross-sectional surveys" Supervisor: Prof. Alessio Farcomeni
Market Analyst at Arbetsförmedlingen, Swedish Public Employment Service

Elvira Josefsson

Thesis: "Behavioral Macroeconomics with a Costly Banking Sector" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
Research Assistant, Luiss Guido Carli University, Department of Economics

Matteo Machiorlatti

Thesis: "A cross-country analysis of offshore wealth determinants" Supervisor: Prof. Lorenzo Carbonari
Graduate Analyst at Aurora Energy Research

Federica Marrazza

Thesis: "Social Skills and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Germany" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci
PhD candidate at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Raimondo Pala

Thesis: "Optimal Inflation Targeting: the issue of Zero Lower Bound and the proposal of a 4% inflation target" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
External Relations, Institutional Affairs and Sustainability at Terna SpA

Giorgia Pelagalli

Thesis: "Financial Intermediation With Hidden Side Trades" Supervisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris
Ph.D. student in Economics at Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna

Matteo Santi

Thesis: "Ungrouping Income Distributions - The Italian Doxa Survey of 1948" Supervisors: Prof. Giovanni Vecchi and Prof. Federico Belotti
Doctoral Researcher at Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research

Oliver Schlenker

Thesis: "The American Studying Poor - Governmental Monetary Incentives to favour Intergenerational Mobility: The Case of U.S. Pell Grants" Supervisor: Prof. Gianni De Fraja
Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant at Toulouse School of Economics

Giulia Tani

Thesis: "The Effect of Transparency on Pharmaceutical Pricing" Supervisor: Prof. Elisabetta Iossa