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2019/2020 Cohort

Junior Financial Analyst at Abbott

Francisco Aquino Pareja

Thesis: "The impact of COVID-19, the CARES Act and the ARP Act on the US Labour Market" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
Financial Data Analyst at ICE Data Services

Valerio Camicia

Thesis: "Migrant Selection in Post-Unification Italy: Empirical Evidence from a new geographical disaggregation" Supervisor: Prof. Carlo Ciccarelli
PhD Candidate at Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Flavio Contrada

Thesis: "Diagnostic expectations and under reaction in DSGE models" Supervisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado
Monitoring and Data Analyst at FAO

Berna Dinç

Thesis: "The economic determinants of femicide: an empirical study of Turkey" Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Sobbrio
Monitoring And Evaluation Consultant at IFAD

Martina Farinella

Thesis: "Migrants, health status and health right: a quantitative analysis of the problem in Italy" Supervisor: Prof. Federico Belotti
Junior Financial Controller at FMTG | Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group

Elizaveta Kizilbekova

Thesis: "The growing role of ESG in investment decisions and investors' preferences and the effects on macroeconomic performance" Supervisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann
Research Professional at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Federico Marciano

Thesis: "Stock Return Volatility and the Business Cycle: Feedback Effect and Time Variation" Supervisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti
Research Intern at I-Com, Istituto per la Competitività

Thomas Osborn

Thesis: "Does paternity leave affect mothers' labour outcomes? Empirical analysis of Spanish data" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci
PhD Candidate in Economics at University of Gothenburg

Giulia Salvi

Thesis: "Do gender quotas produce spillover effects? Empirical evidence from italian municipalities" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci
Economic analyst at DG ECFIN

Rosalba Scelzo

Thesis: "The challenges of the EU banking sector: an analysis post Covid19" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Caiazza
Junior Brand Execution Specialist at Colgate-Palmolive

Theodora Fassil Taddesse

Thesis: "Drivers of Climate Change behaviors in the EU under Covid-19" Supervisor: Prof. Alessio D'Amato