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2021/2022 Cohort

October 2023 Graduate

Alessia Marcobelli

Thesis: The relationship between economic growth, energy consumption, energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa and China
July 2023 Graduate

Bernat Sales Nomen

Thesis: Behavioral Insights into the Housing sector: A DSGE perspective
July 2023 Graduate

Elena Parisi

Thesis: Measuring the peer effect on alcohol drinking behaviour for joung adults
July 2023 Graduate

Lena Uzulac

Thesis: The Effect of extreme weather on children's nutrition and health: the case of Uganda
October 2023 Graduate

Lingzi Zhang

Thesis: Study on the relationship between population development and income disparity of residents in Beijing
July 2023 Graduate

Lorenzo Bruno

Thesis: Elite Colleges and Transmission of Political Power: Evidence from the US Congress
October 2023 Graduate

Matteo Del Piano

Thesis: The effect of gender quotas on the selection of female politicians
July 2023 Graduate

Vincenzo Lardo

Thesis: Fertility and Women Education: Italy, 1881-1921 PhD Research Interests: Policy Evaluation, Applied Microeconomics, Economic Demography