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Updated A.Y. 2021-2022

International Economics


Instructor:   Prof. Luisa Corrado

36 hours
The course offers a compendium between case-studies and the theory of international trade and international finance. Special attention will be devoted to issues that have attracted increasing attention in international economics.

The course provides the theoretical background to understand and address the main issues in the international economic debate. The course objectives are complementary with potential students’ placement in international institutions (IMF, World Bank), Central Banks, Research Divisions etc.

Exchange Rate Regimes.
Currency Crises.
Financial Crises.
Sovereign and Public Debt Crises.
The Subprime Crisis: Liquidity, Banks Leverage and the Macroeconomics.
Quantitative Easing and Unconventional Monetary Policy.
The Fiscal Compact and the Stability and Growth Pact in Europe.
The Interplay between Monetary, Macroprudential and Fiscal Policies.


Prerequisites:  Foundations in International Trade, International Monetary Economics and International Finance.
Course Website, Syllabus, Lecture Notes and Teaching Material  (luisa.corrado@uniroma2.it) available at



Stata lab for International Economics

Instructor:   Dr. Francesca Marazzi

The Stata laboratory offers an introductory overview of the statistical software Stata using  International Economics applications. It will cover the basics of data management, descriptive and graphical analysis and OLS regression.  

Prerequisites: Statistics

Material: the slides, datasets and codes used for the course will be available in Teams