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Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

The aim of the course is both to provide the students with the basics of Pyhton (3.X.X) and to let them start working on simple webscraping tasks. At the end of the lessons, they are expected to be able to scrape standard websites, extract usable information and store it in machine-readable format - i.e., to obtain datasets for statistical analyses starting from plain webpages.

The lectures are introductory and are meant to provide the audience with the description of:

• Pyhton syntax;
• key requisites for web scraping;
• the most widely used tools and modules;
• programming best practices (secondary).

The course is structured to be as interactive as possible, therefore everyone is strongly encouraged to attend with her/his computer (PRE-COVID. NOW, AS OF 2021, EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE TO THE ONLINE SESSIONS, AND PRACTICE DURING THE WEEK).