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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

This course will follow a lecture format (30 hours) and hands-on sessions in Stata (6 hours). The lecture classes will be divided in two parts, by assigning 20 hours to theoretical issues, and 10 hours to learning and interpreting empirical methods and findings in applied in health economics. In particular, the course will cover: 

1. An Overview of the Health Care Industry

2. Demand for Medical Services

3. Socio-economic disparities of health

4. The Demand for Medical Insurance

5. Adverse selection: Akerlof’'s model

6. Adverse selection: the Rothschild-Stiglitz model

7. Adverse selection in real markets

8. Moral hazard

9. Healthcare systems

10. Health measurement and long run trends

11. Health care costs (Instrumental variables application)

12. Health determinants (Difference-in-differences application)

13. Healthcare policy (Regression discontinuity design application)

14. Hands-on practice