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Cultural, sports and leisure activities


The University of Rome Tor Vergata is located on a six-hundred-acre campus and hence has a natural vocation for sports. Sports facilities consist of two 5-aside soccer fields, a tennis court, a basketball court and a volleyball court. They integrate with a number of private sport centres close to the campus which are University partners in order to offer students, professors and technical and administrative staff a diverse range of sports disciplines.
The recent establishment of a University Sports Centre (Centro Universitario Sportivo - CUS) introduced new sports facilities for Tor Vergata students. CUS offers the opportunity to play sports at amateur and competitive level in many disciplines  (11-a-side  and  5-a-side  soccer,  basketball,  cycling,  judo,  rugby, swimming, volleyball, tennis, athletics, weightlifting, karate, boxing, taekwondo, beach volleyball, canoeing, fighting, shooting, fencing, table tennis, etc.). CUS relies on technicians in Sport and Exercise Sciences providing advanced skills to achieve considerable results at a national and international level. Important successes  in  National  Student  Championships  (CUSI),  European  Students Championships (EUSA) and World University Championships ( FISU) – where Tor Vergata students have won many medals – testify this, as Daniele Garozzo, Medicine and Surgery’ student, wins gold medal men's fencing Rio Olympics 2016.
A Sports Festival and a Sports Culture Week are organised in May with the participation of students and visitors. They offer a chance to rethink sports and physical activities as tools to promote wellness and health.
The University is also famous for awarding the yearly Prize ‘Tor Vergata – Ethics in Sports’, now reaching its 14th edition. This event has seen the presence of sports personalities – both domestic and international – who are famous for  their  fair  play  and  commitment  to  sports  and  social issues (Alex Zanardi, Valentina Vezzali, Michel Platini, Cesare Prandelli, Carlton Mayer, Alex Ferguson).

Garden Golf University

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is the first Italian University and one of the few worldwide with a golf course. It is the first illuminated practice field in Rome featuring a golf school.