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National Health System

If you are an EU citizen, the European Health Card (European Health Insurance Card - EHIC) - commonly called “tesserae sanitaria” in Italy - grants services under the same conditions as the Italian National Health Service patients, in a direct form: patients should not anticipate the costs, it is just required to pay a ticket.
If you are a non-EU citizen, you can use the National Health Service after paying the annual subscription of € 149.77 at any ASL (Local Health) ATM. The one closest to our University is located in Via Della Tenuta Di Torrenova, 138 and has the following opening hours: Monday-Friday from 7:45am to 6:30pm, Saturday: from 7:45am to 12pm (tel .: +39 0641434744). Read more on the booklet "InformaSalute" made by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty, available in multiple languages.

Both the health card that the non-EU citizen obtain a consequence of the NHS, which has the same duration of the residence permit, and the European health insurance card owned by a EU citizen entitle to the following benefits:

• a family doctor or pediatrician
• free hospital stay at public hospitals and affiliated
• pharmaceutical care
• general medical outpatient
• specialist medical examinations
• medical exams at home
• vaccinations
• Blood tests
• X-rays
• ultrasound
• medicines
• rehabilitation assistance and prosthesis
• other benefits provided at the basic levels of care.

Here are the procedures that EU citizens and non-EU must follow to register for the National Health System (NHS):

  Documents to submit Validity
EU Students  - E106 model*

- Certificate of Attendace of the study course/ professional course

- ID card/ Passport
Maximum one year
Non - EU Students - Passport (with visa entry for study reasons)

- Postal receipt stating the request for a residence permit or stay permit

- Receipt of payment of the contribution
Up to December 31th of the current year or up to the expiry of the stay permit                                                                                                      

*The E106 Model can be downloaded clicking here

Further information on how to have an overview of health care in Italy or as regards the requirements that regulate access can be found here (EU citizens) and here (EU and non-EU citizens).