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Registration to the Second Year

For the registration to the second year and subsequent years, students must renew the enrollment through the online procedure on Delphi (you do not need to go to the the Students Administrative Office). The procedure is availabe on Delphi if you are in compliance with the university fees of the previous academic year.

If you have concluded the two years at MSc in Economics and you intend to graduate in April 2021, see below the section Registration while expecting to graduate.


  • Deadline for the payment of the first instalment: 6 November 2020 (after this date, you will pay a penalty fee)
  • Registration deadline: 31 March 2021

Delphi Registration procedure

Online Delphi procedure: 

  • Select “Student Section”
  • Click on “Enrollment in year two and following years”
  • Choose how you will pay the second instalment (in one or two instalments)
  • Print out the payment form
  • Pay the instalment by PagoPA
  • Log into the Delphi within 24 hours and confirm the payment by clicking on the button "Confirm PagoPA"

For non-EU students with residence permit

If you are a non-EU student with a residence permit before proceeding with the enrollment in the 2020/21 academic year you must go to the International Students Office by presenting the valid residence permit. If this permission has expired you can conditionally register to the university until you submit the valid residence permit; in any case no later than 15 March 2021.
After requesting and obtaining the renewal of the permit from the Questura you will have to show it to the International Students Office, which will update the expiration date in the system.
Only after this step will you be able to validate the payment and access all the services for the academic year 2020/21.

NOTE for All Students

  • Remember to obtain your ISEE-U at any CAF Office and log into the Delphi online platform and specifically give permission to allow the University to access their ISEE-U. This procedure must be done no later than 16 December 2020.
  • Remember that the students who has applied for LazioDisco scholarship, to obtain the reduction university tuition fees based on income in case they are not final winners or the scholarship is revoked, need to obtain the ISEE-U at any CAF Office and log into the Delphi online platform and specifically give permission to allow the University to access their ISEE-U no later than 16 December 2020.

Registration while expecting to graduate (Domanda Cautelativa)

Once concluded their two years at Master of Science in Economics, students have three graduation sessions available to discuss their thesis: in July, in October and in April.

Winter (April) graduation session is the last one available to students and they are not required to pay the enrollment fee for an additional academic year. In this case, students need to carry out an administrative procedure for “deferring enrollment” (domanda cautelativa). After April session, students can still graduate but they will be considered "fuori corso".

Procedure for deferring your enrollment is online on Delphi:

  • Select “Student Section”
  • Click on “Enrollment in year two and following years”
  • Fill in the Enrollment Form and put a tick in the box “domanda cautelativa/differimento termini iscrizione”
  • Print the item: the system will issue the Domanda cautelativa application and the payment slip. Delphi will issue a payment slip of € 0 that must be validated in order to complete the procedure.

Deadline: 31 December 2020

NOTE: If students do not present the Deferring enrollment within December 2020, they will have to pay for a 3rd Academic year.

Students need to present their ISEEU/Scheda Raccolta Dati certificate by 16 December 2020 even if they have deferred the enrollment because in case they will not graduate by the last graduation session (April 2021), the University fees will be calculated according to the ISEEU/Scheda Raccolta Dati certificate.


If students do NOT graduate by April 2021, they will have to pay the University fees for the entire 3rd Academic year.

Connect to Delphi and select "Rinuncia alla domanda cautelativa". 

The system will annul the "Domanda cautelativa", will proceed with the enrollment of the student for the a.y. 2020/2021 and will generate the bank form of the first instalment of tuition fees that must be paid and validated so that the system can generate the bank form for the next instalment.
The instalments (first and second instalment) must be paid no later than 7 June 2021.
Please note that for each delayed payment you will pay a penalty fee of €100.00.

NOTE: In case you did not present the request for deferring the enrollment and proceed towards the payment of tuition fees for the third academic year, you can ask for return by 29 January 2021 through an appropriate request to be delivered to the Students Administrative Office.