The Best Western Hotel of Tor Vergata offers to our students a Residence located in Via Fernando Conti 55, on the upper level of a shopping center not far away from the Hotel. The Residence include 44 apartments of different kind, for a total of 180 beds. Every apartment is furnished and has one or more private bathrooms as well as a fully equipped kitchen (tableware included). There is also the possibility of using a washing machine and a dryer inside the Residence, a common living room with TV and ping pong, and a reserved garage. A gym and outdoor swimming pool are available in Via Vico Viganò 24, where the Hotel is located. Tenants are given bed linens and towels on arrival, while they have to pay € 30 for room cleaning before their departure.

Kind of residence: Residence managed by laymen.

  • Price: € 360 – 380 per person a month for the single rooms; € 320 per person a month for the double rooms. In both case you have to add a tourist accommodation tax decided by the City of Rome. Service costs are included in the price indicated.
  • Deposit: € 360 – 380 for the single rooms; € 320 per person for the double rooms (to be paid upon making a reservation).
  • Included services: reduced price lunch/dinner in Hotel.
  • Distance from the School of Economics: around 5 Km.
  • Public transport: 20 bus (6 stops); estimated time: 15 minutes.
  • Available beds: 180.

Contacts for bookings: piattoni@hotelromatorvergata.com - +39 3668076326 (Mr Piattoni Marco).