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Core Fabrizio

Class of 2012/2013

Assistant Professor of Finance at the Erasmus School of Economics


After the bachelor degree at Tor Vergata I decided I wanted something that could have brought my closer to the world of research and Academia. This is why I chose the MSc in Economics taught in English. During the second year of the Master I decided I wanted to stay in an academic environment and I decided to apply for PhD programs around the world. Thanks to the advanced preparation of the Master and the excellent reference letters of the outstanding Professors in the program, I managed to get accepted in the PhD in Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science. The department of Finance of the LSE is ranked among the best in the world for quality of research. The superior preparation  and the style of teaching in the MSc in Economics prepared me well for what was to come and greatly helped me in passing first years exams, achieving merit and distinction. In the end what made a difference for me it was the quality and depth of the teaching, the outstanding curricula of the Professors and their willingness to help me fulfilling my dreams. Also the diverse and international pool of students in the Master gave me the instruments to face the challenges of a leading international department as the one in which I am now. The MSc was a great experience and it was worth all the time I invested into it.