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Rovigatti Benedetta

Class of 2013/2014

Source to Pay Global Coordinator at Save the Children International


After graduating from Tor Vergata with a MSc in Economics, I worked in Procurement for UN-IFAD, Finance for Alitalia, consulting for Accenture, before joining Save the Children International at their headquarters in London, as a member of the organization’s Procurement team. I’m currently in charge of analysing Procurement data in order to define strategic sourcing initiatives, aimed at ensuring that Donors’ funds are used more effectively and efficiently. In each of my work experiences I applied the quantitative and programming skills I acquired during the Master. Although the MSc can be seen as a natural step toward a PhD or Academia, the course also provides excellent foundations for those interested in pursuing a career in the private sector. Studying and learning in english throughout the entire degree has helped me work in international environments both in the corporate and non-profit sectors. I strongly recommend the MSc as a great educational investment for your personal and professional growth.