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Tripodi Egon

Class of 2012/2013

PhD researcher in Economics at the European University Institute


I am currently a PhD researcher at the European University Institute, and let me say how much people here consider Tor Vergata as having a greatly respectable faculty as well as one of the few strong master programs in Economics of the country that prepare students well for doing research in both academic and institutional environments. I remember my days there as tough, long, and greatly inspiring. As highly determined as I was in doing well and working long hours if necessary, two years in that program went by so fast and learned so much. I was one of the 'early birds' graduating in July 2014, and could even take some time away from my studies, before starting the PhD in September, to work as an intern for an NGO in Shenzhen, China in the business of Corporate Social Responsibility and Education. The time spent in People's Republic of China introduced me to the amazing culture of this country and even more narrowly to their unique way of doing business. During the second year I have also been working with the director of the program (at the time, Stefano Herzel) and the program assistant (Valentina Vaiuso), and one of my tasks was to track our students' success in and out of the program: all I can say is that motivated students always found their way into the 'wild' out there and supervisors' e_ort in personally advising their students was always extraordinary and commensurate to the student's diligence.
Go on campus, talk to some of the very friendly professors there who teach in the program if necessary, before deciding where to take your master; this MSc in Economics will give you a fantastic and unique learning experience while opening a big door to a world of possibilities.