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Cipollone Valeria

Class of 2010/2011

Policy Officer at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance


After my graduation in Economics in 2012, I merged my passion for Economics and Journalism. I took a short course in journalism and international issues at the Basso Foundation and then interned at the Vatican Radio and at Limes, the Italian Review of Geopolitics. Then I moved for an international experience. As a winner of the Leonardo scholarship, I have been research intern at Bruegel, a Brussels based think-tank which works on European economic policies. I worked on a project investigating possible scenarios for the future of Manufacturing and I co-signed the chapter on Energy effectiveness. Bruegel has offered me an unexpected bridge to come back to Italy, where I had the unique chance to work in the Prime Minister’s Office, as an advisor to the PM counsellor on EU affairs. I currently work in the office of the Italian Minister of Economy and Finance. It is an incredible opportunity to see how economic policy is designed and implemented at a national level. I still feed my journalistic attitude, writing op-eds for “Il Fatto Quotidiano”.