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Valenti Fabrizio

Class of 2008/2009

Head - Financial Inclusion at LEAD Krea University


The Master of Science in Economics gave me the analytical and quantitative background I needed to complete successfully a PhD in Economics, which I obtained with a thesis on volatility and growth from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Throughout my career as an international development professional, I had the chance to put the skills I acquired during this program in practice. First, as a researcher in Bangladesh, where I analyzed working conditions in the garment sector for a local NGO, and then in Indonesia where I worked for two years as a technical advisor on sustainable development for UNDP. Given my academic background, I provided research and analytical support, interpreted data, statistics, and socio-economic indicators, and translated these inputs into concrete policy actions. Additionally, I provided assistance in evaluating performance, enriching reports, and communicating results to donors and other stakeholders. Currently I am employed by Save the Children in Sierra Leone and working as a Policy and Information Management Advisor at the Ministry of Social, Gender, and Children Affair. The Master of Science in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata can open the doors to many careers, and I would recommend it to all students wishing to expand their knowledge through a challenging, yet rewarding, program.