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Martinangeli Andrea

Class of 2009/2010

Associate Professor in Ethics Aat Burgundy School of Business


I always had a strong interest in human behaviours and sociality. I initially trained as a sociologist, and then graduated in Political Science in 2009 with a thesis in international economics (“The recent rise in global food prices. Developing or developed countries' responsibility?”). I then enrolled in the MSc in Economics in Tor Vergata, with the aim of acquiring the statistical, theoretical and analytical tools necessary to more formally study human behaviours. After I finished coursework, and before defending my thesis (“Exploring environmentally significant behaviours in a multidimensional perspective”), I worked as an intern at the United Nations-FAO, working on the development of the new interactive FAOSTAT platform. After I defended my thesis, and after a brief return to FAO, I left Italy to begin my PhD in Gothenburg, Sweden. My strong interest in behavioural sciences, in the environment, and in economics motivated my application to Gothenburg. The statistical and theoretical skills acquired during the MSc allowed me to directly delve into the core of what would then become my main research interests.
My current research combines cooperative behaviours and tacit coordination with inequality, power relations, group belonging and social conflict.