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Felici Sofia

Class of 2016/2017

Economist at Centro Studi Confindustria


I graduated with a Master's degree in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2019. During the Master I had the chance to do a traineeship at the JRC of the European Commission and after graduation I started my professional career working within the research department of different important entities. The programme provided by the master is brilliant! Studying subjects like History and Philosophy during my academic career have enabled my understanding of what kind of events and ideologies have influenced and dominated societies, as we know them today. Simultaneously, observing the world around me makes me realize the importance of understanding how societies could face contemporary challenges. The MSc in Economics can truthfully shed light on many different topics and it has greatly increased both my knowledge and passion for economics. Thanks to the master, I became instrumental in helping the company I currently work for in conducting in-depth research analysis and I have acquired exceptional abilities to develop critical and reliable material. I strongly believe that the MSc in Economics is a successful investment for analytical minds and lifelong learning spirits.