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Tani Giulia

Class of 2018/2019

Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant at Toulouse School of Economics


Upon graduation from the MSc in Economics, I started working as a Pre-doctoral Research Assistant at Toulouse School of Economics, where I will continue my education with a Ph.D. in September. Currently, I am doing research in empirical industrial organization. In Toulouse, I have joined a diverse and intellectually vibrant community, and I have greatly benefited from the opportunity to learn directly from top researchers. I believe that the MSc in Economics provided the theoretical and quantitative foundations essential for pursuing my academic goals. The small number of students in each cohort and the possibility to work as Teaching Assistants fostered connections with faculty. During the program, I also had the chance to analyze current economic issues and policy discussions by completing a curricular internship at a think-tank based in Rome. My suggestion for the students wishing to pursue the Master in Tor Vergata is to be proactive and go the extra mile to seize opportunities whenever they arise.