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Past Theses Titles

MSc in Economics Theses 2020

Atturo Gabriele, "Determinants of Road Traffic Accidents and Intervention Policy: a Synthetic Control Approach to Italy", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Barros Dias Paulo Alexandre, "Explaining time overrun of infrastructure investment projects funded by the European structural funds and the cohesion fund in Italy", Advisor: Prof. Elisabetta Iossa

Caggiano Emanuele, "Forward guidance: measuring the effects of ECB communication using speeches", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

La Rosa Giovanni, "The Determinants of CDS Spreads and the impact of ESG Factors", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Caiazza

Pellegrini Flavia, "Impact of Cash Transfer Programs on Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Farmers: The Case of Lesotho’s Child Grants Programme", Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

Stanco Antonio, "The Determinants of Non Performing Loans", Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

MSc in Economics Theses 2019

Bruch Michael, "100 % Reserves and Seigniorage: Budgetary consequences of implementing the Chicago Plan", Advisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann

Carli Marco, “Pecuniary Externalities through Financial Constraints”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Colcerasa Francesco, "Inequality and Growth: A Panel Analysis in EU-15 between 1990 and 2016", Advisor: Prof. Paolo Paesani

Dipierri Chiara, “Estimation of multivariate mixed-models via bivariate approximation”, Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

Felici Sofia, “Female Complementarity and Labor Market Polarization: Evidence from the U.S.”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Lorè Luisa, "Does difference in Expiration Date labelling infuence Food Waste? An Experimental Approach", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Maurici Filippo, "The Role of Liquidity in the Kiyotaki-Moore Model", Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Medas Tiziano, "Long Short-Term Memory Techniques for Time Series Prediction", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Grassi

Mingoli Gabriele, “Score driven models for time varying tail dependence”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Navarra Federico, “Theory of optimal income taxation and the effects of side trading over redistribution", Advisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar

Orlandi Jacopo, “Liquidity management in inefficient credit booms”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Pannozzo Davide, “Eliciting time preferences of entrepreneurs as individuals and within the firm environment: survey evidence from an Italian sample”, Advisor: Robert Waldmann

Paoloni Flavia, “Finite sample properties of control function approaches for nonlinear models with endogenous explanatory variables”, Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

Recagno Laura, “Using Electronic Health Records for Attributing Medical Spending to Conditions: The Italian General Practitioners”, Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

Renzetti Andrea, “Static and Dynamic Correlated Random Effects Models for Household Portfolios”, Advisor: Prof. Federico Belotti

Romano Gilda, "The estimation of economies of scale in the water residential retail sector in England and Wales", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Sechi Chiara, "The determinants of Fly-tipping: a case study of England by Local Auhtority", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Sfregola Massimiliano, “The role of different international shocks on a small open country: a FAVAR approach for Sweden”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

MSc in Economics Theses 2018

Ballarin Giovanni, "Human Capital Policies and Inequality", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Beccari Gabriele, "Wildfires, Illegal buildings and local misgovernment", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Bellucci Emanuele, "Tax revenues on polluting activities and governments expenditure on environmental protection", Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni

Brignone Davide, "Internal and External Habits Formation: Policy Analysis Implications and Bayesian Estimation", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Corbo Eleonora, "Non parametric estimation of the Long Run", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

D'Amelio Tommaso, "The effects of the recent immigration flows on the italian job market", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Failla Fabrizio, "Price effect caused by the American Airlines/ US Airways merger", Advisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi

Garforth-Bles Simon, "Does Accepting Asylum seekers reduce natives working opportunities?", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Kof Desdina, "The effect of globalization on the performance of SMES: evidence from Turkey", Advisor: Prof. Robert Waldmann

Manias Eleonora, "Child Labor in Ivory Coast", Advisor: Prof. Anita Guelfi 

Mazzali Marco, "International Financial Integration and Financial Crises", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Moiso Carlotta, "The impact of the EBT program on crime", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Paolillo Aldo, "Commercial banks as money creators; Theory and implications in a dsge framework", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Paradisi Ludovica, "Abuse of dominant position and impact of competition enforcement in the EU telecommunication markets: an ex-post evaluation", Advisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi

Pizziol Veronica, "Merger vs Licensing in a Duopoly Model with Product Innovation", Advisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi

Plotnikova Mariya, "Natural resources and income inequality", Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni 

Tesfaye Meneyahel Zegeye, "Human Capital inequality and economic growth", Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni

Vocalelli Giorgio, "Neo-Fisherian Transmission of a Monetary Policy Shock: a Swedish analysis", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

MSc in Economics Theses 2017

Acar Berkan, "Electricity Generation Substitutes and Environmental Benefits of Wind Power in Turkey", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Adisa Olawale, "Economic Growth and Remittances its effect on Poverty in an Economy: Case Study Nigeria", Advisor: Prof. Anita Guelfi

Alesiani Andrea, "The effect of shocks and asset holdings on child labor and schooling outcomes in Ethiopia", Advisor: Prof. Anita Guelfi

Bezzi Andrea, "EU Citizens and Waste Management Behaviours", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Borrelli Flaminia, "Trusting Inference in the presence of High-Leverage points: the case of The Journal of Political Economy", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

De Polis Andrea, "Evaluating Quantitative Easing in the Eurozone: a Bayesian DSGE approach", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Latour Chiara, "Analysis of two measure of corruption across countries", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Lotti Clarissa, "The Heterogeneous Consumption Response to Income Shocks: Reconciling Theory and Evidence", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Manfredonia Stefano, "Measuring the impact of enviornmental damage on a firm financial performance: evidence from a novel dataset", Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Massotti Piero, "Bayesian estimation of a DSGE model for european Fiscal Compact", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Pieroni Valerio, "Trusting Inference in the Presence of High-Leverage Points", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Polselli Annalivia, "Trusting Inference in Presence of High Leverage Points: The Case of the American Economic Review", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

MSc in Economics Theses 2016

Albertini Silvia, "When Rule of Thumb Households meet the Underground Economy: a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model", Advisor: Prof. Barbara Annichiarico

Angelini Daniele, "Evaluating the role of technological and non-technological shocks as a source of Business Cycle fluctuations: a FAVAR approach", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Barnaba Daniele, "Contagion in Financial network", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Bernabei Riccardo, "Differences in earnings between married and cohabiting couples: Evidence from Italy", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Clavorà Braulin Francesco, "Consumer privacy and value of personal information", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Valletti

Criscione Pietro, "Hierarchical related regression", Advisor: Prof. Maura Mezzetti

D'Amico Giuseppe, "Platform Competition and Consumer Myopia: a case of Airports", Advisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi

Ferrazza Andrea, "Modeling Italian mayor's tenure", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Florio Erminia, "Propensity to borrow: Evidence from a Microfinance Institution in India", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Gambaro Eugenia Maria, "Returns to experience and the gender wage gap: evidence from Italy", Advisor. Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Landi Sara, "Online advertising industry: how tracking technologies contributed to Facebook's increasing revenues", Advisor: Prof. Alberto Iozzi

Marasli Samet, "The Effects of Curerncy Futures Trading on Turkish Spot Market", Advisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini

Minucci Riccardo,"Influencing factors of pro-environmental behaviors and attitudes", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Munisso Alberto, "Ruble exchange rate volatility and its effect on Russian market indexes", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Pallara Kevin, "The dynamic effects of government spending shocks and the Fiscal Foresight issue: a FAVAR approach", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Sfregola Noemi, "Empirical Analysis on European economics integration", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Trovato Maddalena, "What matters for innovation: an empirical analysis from CIS Survey", Advisor: Prof. Elisabetta Iossa

MSc in Economics Theses 2015

Akkurt Ugur, "Analysis For The Relationship Between Inflation And Economic Growth In Turkish Economy", Advisor: Prof. Robert J. Waldmann

Bai Yu, “Environmental Inequality: The Case Of Rural Migrant”, Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Breglia Giulio, “Inequality In Italy And Measuring Bias, Evidence From 1948-1978”, Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Vecchi

Caterini Giacomo, "Measuring Connectedness Based On GFEVD", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Ceci Donato, “Interaction Between Unconventional Monetary Policies And Fiscal Policies”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Costanzo Daniele, "TED, public procurement in Italy", Advisor: Prof. Elisabetta Iossa

Jeddi Balabaygloo Behzad, “Analysis Of Water Consumption Behavior In European Union: Are Motivations Relevant?”, Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Rovigatti Benedetta, "The Effect Of Swing Voters On Political Performance: Evidence From Italy", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Sassone Corsi Andrea, “From Feed-In Premium To Feed-In Tariff: What Drives Italian Distributed Generation?”, Advisor: Prof. Alessio D'Amato

Trotti Roberta, "The Problem Of Environmental Migrants: Is There An Impact Of Climate Change On Migration?", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

MSc in Economics Theses 2014

Antilici De Martini Paola, "Economic Growth and Subjective Well-Being: Generalized Ordered Probit Model", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Baldinucci Flavia, "Profiling the European green consumer: intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in action", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Bianchi Nicola, “Liquidity and Social Responsability in Equity Fund”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Core Fabrizio, “Financial Intermediation With Incomplete Contracts”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Kraus Florian, “Monetary Policy In The Light Of The Outright-Monetary-Transactions-Program”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Lenchak Arkadiy, “The Analysis Of Perspectives Of The Monetary Union Establishment Among The Member-States Of Eurasian Union”, Advisor: Prof. Barbara Annicchiarico

Mazzanti Giulia, "Here Comes the Sun - Good news or Bad news: a Fotovoltaic Resource", Advisor: Prof. Mariangela Zoli

Michetti Marta, “Impact Evaluation: an Analysis of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty
Action Lab' s Approach”, Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Nazzaro Roberta, “The impact of tertiary education on earnings premium. An empirical  approach”, Advisor: Prof. Gianni De Fraja

Parisi Diletta, “Monitoring Nutritional Status Of Small Children- Evidence From A Quasi-Experiment In Burkina Faso”, Advisor: Prof. Sara Savastano

Pellecchia Diego, “Housing submarkets and price dynamics in the province of Rome”, Advisor: Prof. Antonio Parisi

Russo Gianluca, “Number Of Parties And Government Spending: An Empirical Analysis”, Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci

Sun Xiao, “Microfounded Model Of Monetary Exchange”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Tripodi Egon, “Observable Heterogeneity With Non-Exclusive Contracts”, Advisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar

Tulli Andrea, “A Brief Discussion On Moral Hazard In Team And Adverse Selection”, Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Valletti

Venosa Vincenzo, “The Role and the Effect of the IAS/IFRS in the search of the Single Market”, Advisor: Prof. Nicoletta Ciocca

Wang Miao, "Shadow Banking In China", Advisor: Prof. Robert J. Waldmann

MSc in Economics Theses 2013

Antonaroli Valentina, “Taxation in a creative destruction model”, Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni

Artusi Valerio, “Betting on Football Matches: Theoretical Model and Empirical Prediction”, Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Berardini Francesco, “Income and subjective well-being: evidence from a generalized ordered probit model”, Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Brugnolini Luca, “Fiscal Compact And The Banking Sector”, Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Catalano Gabriella, "Fiscal policies and interest rate in the european monetary union: an empirical analysis", Advisor: Prof. Alessandro Piergallini

Costa Giulia, “The impact of the Tobin Tax: the French case”, Advisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti

Di Mari Roberto, “Finite mixture of linear models: numerical evidences and application to SHIW data”, Advisor: Prof. Roberto Rocci

Di Rella Marco, “Imperfect Financial Intermediation in a Monetary Economy”, Advisor: Prof. Leo Ferraris

Fraternali Fabio, “Green public procurement”, Advisor: Prof. Corrado Cerruti

Gabbuti Giacomo, “Composite Indices for the Long-run: Methodology and Application to Italy 1861-2013”, Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Vecchi

Graziano Giovanni, “Growth forecast errors and scal multipliers”, Advisor: Prof. Paolo Paesani

Martino Enrica Maria, “College wage premium and wage inequality”, Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Parisi Presicce Valerio, “Corruption and growth in Europe”, Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Piazzolla Annalisa, “Causal inference and principal stratification”, Advisor: Prof. Roberto Rocci

MSc in Economics Theses 2012

Barbato Maurizio, "Affine processes in finance", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel

Castaldi Gionata, "The marginal willingness to save: an empirical analysis on energy saving and its determinants", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gorini

Cipollone Valeria, "The effect of external monitoring on standardized test: results from SNV", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Di Caprera Gloria, "Employment, education and wellbeing in europe: a panel data analysis using SHARE (Survey on Health, Age and Retirement in Europe)", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Lacava Chiara, "Forecasting labour indicators: micro vs macro", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Marazzi Francesca, "The empirics of social interactions using add health: the interplay between personal characteristics and social prestige", Advisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado

Nocera Noemi, "Industrialization, heights and mortality in post-unification Italy", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Porreca Eleonora, "A solution to the problem of multiple equilibria in the wms model", Advisor: Prof. Andrea Kamal Attar

Saccal Alessandro, "Capital controls and growth", Advisor: Prof. Robert J. Waldmann

MSc in Economics Theses 2011

Civale Simone, "Nonparametric estimation of a conditional distribution function", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Donat Francesco, "Weight and see. Measuring U.S. core inflation using disaggregate inflation series", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti

Gualdani Cristina, "Cheating on tests: some experimental evidence from Tor Vergata", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Macaluso Claudia, “The sectoral shifts efficiency wages and cycle unemployment”, Advisor: Prof. Marcello Messori

Martinangeli Andrea, "The determinants of individual environmental behaviors and the role of public environmental protection expenditure: evidence from England", Advisor: Prof. Stefano Gorini

MSc in Economics Theses 2010

Di Battista Federica, "Vulnerability to poverty in Italy", Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Vecchi

Marandola Ginevra, "The cyclical composition of investments and growth: volatility and financial frictions", Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni

Milasi Santo, "Empirical analisy on the relation between inequality in income distribution and economic growth", Advisor: Prof. Robert J. Waldmann

Pierantozzi Armonia, "Macroeconomic forecasting in high dimensional system. cross-validation vs. information criteria", Advisor: Prof. Gianluca Cubadda

Saggio Raffaele, "Estimation of linear panel data models under nearly singular design", Advisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi

Valenti Fabrizio, "Volatility and growth", Advisor: Prof. Alessandra Pelloni

Zanetti Chini Emilio, "Does the parity of purchasing power hypothesis hold? Evidence from the last decade", Advisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti