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Brignone Davide

Class of 2016/2017

2017/2018 Dual Degree Program

Why choose a Dual degree?

I truly believe that being an economist means knowing about the world that surrounds us, an aspect that is even more accentuated in our globalized era. For this reason, the Dual degree program in the Gothenburg University is an extremely important opportunity: it gives me the chance to study and live abroad, to meet cultures and students. Moreover, it represents an important personal challenge, an experience that will force me to develop and improve my ability to adapt in new and different environments.

What are my expectations?

What I expect from the Dual degree in the University in Gothenburg is the chance to meet new professors and students, in a vibrant and stimulant studying environment. I am sure that my personal skills will benefit from it and I hope that this program will represent a boost for my career, allowing me to have more opportunities in the future, both in the job market and in the academic field. This is in part related to my desire to pursue an international career in Economics; I think that this program will fit with what I am looking for and that it will offer me a more open and international view of the world.