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Sfregola Massimiliano

Class of 2017/2018

2018/2019 Dual Degree Program

Why choose a Dual Degree program?

I decided to apply for the Dual Degree program since I wanted to test myself in a different university, and at the same time to broaden my horizons by meeting new people in an international environment and travelling in a new country.
I believe that such experience would significantly enrich my background both under personal and professional viewpoint and that it will give me relevant expertises and qualifications in order to become a competitive candidate for a PhD program.

Your expectations from this experience

I expect to learn a lot from skilled professors and to my peers, which bring a great added value by mastering a different learning process than what I am used to.
Therefore, I think this year will be challenging concerning studying contents and people to meet and even being followed by two professors in writing my master thesis will be very stimulating.