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Machiorlatti Matteo

Class of 2018/2019

2019/2020 Dual Degree Program

Why choose a Dual Degree program?

I chose to participate in the Dual Degree program at the University of Gothenburg because I wanted to experience a new academic environment and different approaches to teaching and studying. The opportunity to read numerous and diversified papers and to write reports throughout the courses seemed to me a great chance to enhance my academic capabilities. Moreover, I was excited by the idea of living for an entire year in an international and “student-based” environment, in a city that is extremely focused on cutting-edge themes like sustainability and climate change management.

Your expectations from this experience

At the end of this experience I expect to come home having grown up both as a person and as a student. I am sure my problem solving and time managing skills will be enhanced by living alone. Moreover, I think I will find stimulating topics for my final dissertation, since I will take some “research-oriented” courses, which I’m really interested in. Finally, I trust that the network I will create while in Gothenburg will be a great asset for my future career, and that a Dual Degree will be an interesting and valuable element on my CV.