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Ballarin Giovanni

Class of 2016/2017

2017/2018 Dual Degree Program

Why choose a Dual Degree

I think that the Dual Degree program offers the best opportunity to put oneself to test and to grow as a person, not only as a student: it implies new responsibilities, new environments and really pushes you to adapt and rise to the challenge. We can not ignore the diversity and complexity of the world in that we live in, and we have to embrace it. With the Dual Degree in Kostanz, I am excited to study Economics at an institution of excellence and broaden my horizons at the same time.

Expectations from this experience

I am thrilled at the idea of dealing with different culture and people, as well as developing new skills. Konstanz and its University strike me as incredibly lively setting, especially for studying Economics. Thus, I am confident it will be a precious experience, and my best hope that it will add momentum to my academic curriculum and future choices.