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Medas Tiziano

Class of 2017/2018

2018/2019 Dual Degree Program

Why choose a Dual Degree

My decision to apply to the Dual Degree program was due to the will of discovering the world, we spend much time on watching people having fantastic experiences around the world, so when I saw the possibility to live a year in another country and study in another university I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. We live in a cosmopolitan world and having experiences abroad is essential for your personal development and to keep up with the others.

Expectations from this experience

What I expect from the Dual Degree in Konstanz is to study with new people and Professors which give me new incentives to study and create my future. The big challenge is to understand how to behave in an environment different from Rome, not only my academic life will change, but even the way of relating with other people coming from different cultures and having different points of view.