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Thesis Assignement

The thesis will be assigned three times a year:

- in January for the students aiming to graduate in Summer (mid-July)
- in May for the students aiming to graduate in Autumn (beginning of November)
- in October for the students aiming to graduate in Spring (beginning of April)

Three times a year in the course website there will be an announcement for students interested to be assigned a thesis. Following this announcement students will have a two weeks deadline to fill in a Google Form with data on their academic performance and on their proposal for a thesis topic/case.
Theses will be assigned based on the student academic performance (general GPA and mark at this exam) and on the innovativeness of the proposed topic (normally not more than 3 students per graduation session will be accepted), plus any specific assignment rule defined in the MScBA programme.

Two weeks after the announcement deadline, students will be informed whether they have been accepted on not for the thesis. Shortly after, the selected students will be invited to a meeting where they will be presented the suggested approach to develop a master thesis effectively (including the work they will have to make in order to find, select and report references and to develop the analysis of the business case(s) they will have proposed).