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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

Course Overview

Learning objectives:

Knowledge and Understanding: acquire basic approach and tools for strategy making.

Applying Knowledge and Understanding: apply the general approach to strategic making to specific context and decisions, mainly in the area of the digital transformation.

Making Judgements: evaluate the competitive scenario using a set of alternative models (such as the SWOT analysis) and, based on these considerations, propose a business or corporate strategy.

Communication Skills: communicate the analysis and the proposals in discussions and group presentations.

Learning Skills: develop searching skills so to find relevant information in the cases and prioritizing skills so to detect the few relevant issues.


Course structure

Part I: Overview on Strategic Management
• Strategic management and strategic competitiveness
• The external organization
• The internal organization

Part II: Business-level strategy
• Business-level strategy
• Cost-leadership strategy
• Differentiation strategy
• Niche strategy
• Competitive rivalry

Part III: Corporate-level strategy
• Corporate-level strategy
• Diversification strategy
• Merger and acquisition strategy
• International Strategy
• Cooperative strategy
• Strategic Leadership

Part IV: Digital Transformation
• Digital Transformation: key characteristics and impacts
• Digital Transformation governance: What and How
• Digital transformation tool-kit (I): customer and competition
• Digital transformation tool-kit (I): data, innovation and value