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Regolamento esame

In consideration of the Covid-19 emergence, for the April 2020 session, please follow the specific instructions given on Microsoft TEAMS and through the newsletter.  For the remaining exam sessions, you can find the modalities and program on the syllabus uploaded in the material section. Any change will be promptly communicated in relation to the evolution of the emergence. New conditions, which are right now unpredictable, may indeed lead to modify, partially or entirely, the modalities for the exams.  Thus, it is advisable to keep communication with the professor before each the exam session.

Extraordinary measures for exam sessions to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and related restrictions.

For all exam sessions of the 2019-2020 year (until February 2021), the exam session has been modified.

Instead of a written exam, all sessions will consist in an oral exam to be organized on TEAMS (until further notice or integration). Please see the University’s guidelines for exam modality 1 “Esame orale”. All session in Delphi will be changed from the indication of written exam to that of oral exam. Please refer to the syllabus to specific material to be prepared, and since all attending students have already given the exam, please see the section for non-attending students.

On the date of the exam, you need to connect on TEAMS and participate to the online session. During the oral exam, will be posed open questions; excellent answers are those with an appropriate mix between theory and practice, i.e. business examples in which the theory can be applied. Yet, theoretical connections among different topics/theories, the ability to criticize and reflect upon the validity of the theory, and elaboration of strategies to a better implementation are also evaluated. These open questions verify a proper acquisition of knowledge, the ability to apply this knowledge to concrete business cases, and the ability of critical judgment. Yet, the communication skills, in the form of clarity and logic flow of the answer will be also evaluated.

For any doubt, please write to the teacher.